Route 66

Route 66

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our Last Day on the Road

Alanreed, TX to Sayre, OK
65 miles

Katie needs to return to Chicago to be with Bud's business partner (and through the years, a close family friend) who is seriously ill.  As a result, today was our last day to ride Historic U.S. Rte 66.  The bike ride from Flagstaff, AZ to Chicago, IL is "to be continued!"  Katie will fly from Oklahoma City to Chicago tomorrow (Friday).  Lisa and Scott will continue to explore, bike, camp and visit friends on their way home.

Lisa and Katie with total miles completed!

Best of Day:
4 lane frontage roads!

Worst of Day:
Making decision to end the ride with concern and worry

Quote of Day:
"You be safe now and write when you get home and let me know you are safe!"
(Dixie Jo in Alanreed when we left this morning)

Memorable Moments:
Best Campground:  Black Canyon Campground (Santa Fe)
Best Welcome Center:  Texas
Best Ice Machine:  Santa Fe Motel & Inn
Best Bike Shop:  Beeline Mobile (out of Albuquerque)
Best Snack:  Erin's Oatmeal/Chocolate chip cookies
Best Treat:  Snickers ice cream bars
Beat left overs:  Subway sandwiches
Best end of day "wind down":  Summer Shandy and potato chips
Total states:  4
Total miles:  781
Greatest Ascent:  3,169 ft.
Greatest Descent:  3,885 ft
Coolest Temperature:  54 degrees
Warmest Temperature:  120 degrees
Longest distance:  68.02 miles
Shortest distance:  28.92 miles
Longest "pedaling" time on bike:  5 hr/4 min
Shortest "pedaling" time on bike:  2 hr/20 min

Memorable Pictures:

 Scott changing tire
Kelle and Lisa on way to Winslow

Bike for Kicks on Rt 66 sticker on T @ B

Historic NM Rte 66 sign

Lisa checking tires in underpass

Wire in tire

Welcome to Texas!

Katie in Red Rock Canyon

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our day of rest!

Rest day....

Scott & Lisa's Camp Site at Lake McClellan Campground
(and laundry!)

Best of day:
Air Conditioning in Alanreed

Worst of Day:
Weather predictions for Oklahoma

Quote of Day:
"My husband liked seeing the clothes line used today!"  (Dixie Jo)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Leap Frog Day

Vega, TX to Amarillo, TX
29 miles
Amarillo to Lake McClellan/Alanreed, TX
Drove the remaining 25 miles

Katie's Hotel - Alanreed Travel Center

Owner of hotel, Dixie Jo Crockett, runs the gas station, gift shop, liquor store, snacks, ice cream and post office!!

Best of Day:
Great frontage roads in morning
Bike shops and grocery shopping in Amarillo

Worst of Day:
No laundry

Quote of Day:
"You are very brave to be biking!"
(Dixie Jo Crockett, owner of Alanreed Travel Center)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Birthday to Christine "Kelle" Lemley!!!

Tucumcari, MN to Vegas, TX
Biked 54.3 miles
Sagged 23 miles (after headwinds increased and temp 95 degrees)

Arriving in our Third State

Famous Adrian, TX (midpoint of U.S. Rte 66)

Best of Day:
Frontage road without traffic
Less debris on interstate (no wire removed from tires today)

Worst of Day:
Strong headwinds after lunch

Quote of Day:
Bud (on phone):  "The Southwest is experiencing record heat."

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pedaling Downhill

Santa Rosa NM, to Tucumcari, NM
38.4 miles in 6 hours against headwinds
(Sagged the remainder 15 miles)

Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, NM where we stayed 
(1950's/Route 66 nostalgia)

Best of Day:
Claw-footed bathtub in our 1950's/Rte 66 motel!
Cooler Temperatures

Worst of the Day:
Northeasterly headwinds - UGH

Quote of the day:
"This wind from the East is very unusual at this time year!"
(motel owner)

Blue Hole Day! (See Note below)

Romeroville, NM to Santa Rosa, NM
60.5 miles

Note:  This was a Blue Hole Day as there was a Natural Spring 80 ft deep/60 ft circumference/constant temp of 62 degrees which we all jumped in....but didn't have a camera!)

Lisa (along with Scott) decreasing her core body temperature in Santa Rosa Park Lake!

Best of day:
Water in which we could sit and/or jump!!

Worst of Day:
Temp 109 degrees

Quote of Day:
Q. How do you stand the heat?
A. Scott meets us with SAG vehicle every 10-15 miles with water and gatorade, provides shade and snacks, and gives us a break!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hot Hilly Day!


Santa Fe to Romeroville, NM
59.7 miles

Gatorade consumed!

Best of Day:
The end of the day!

Worst of Day:
Temp 111 degrees!

Quote of Day:
Two gentlemen in parking area:  "Where are you guys headed?"
Scott:  Chicago....Chicago, IL
Gentlemen replied:  "Did you say Chicago.....and we thought we had come far!"